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Premium Ceremonial Matcha (40 G)


Traditional Japanese green tea powder from Shizuoka, Japan. An amazing jade coloured infusion reveals a sweet taste with mild astringency and green tea aroma.

Highest quality matcha comes with strong colour, flavour, and smooth texture. Gives a medium foam when whisked.


Stone-milled Japanese Matcha Green tea


Shizuoka, Japan

Antioxidant Level 

Very High


Caffeine Content 


Steeping Guide

• Sift 2 grams, or 1½ teaspoons matcha into your tea bowl
• Add 2oz hot water (for best results use water just under a boil)
• Whisk for about 10-15 seconds for foamy bright green tea
• Add the remaining boiling water or steamed milk and whisk again until foamy
• Sweeten to taste, if desired

Enjoy your matcha tea straight from the bowl!

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