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Matcha Set


Elevate your experience of making Matcha with authentic tea ceremony tools. Professional and perfect, it is the best choice to make the process of drinking Matcha tea much more pleasant.

Made of Pure Natural Materials 

100% natural materials, Matcha sets are handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo. Meets the highest level of food safety standards. Environmentally friendly and free from any harmful and toxic chemicals.

Bamboo Care Steps

Bamboo whisks are sometimes susceptible to cracking in certain conditions because the bamboo used is dense and fibrous so if there’s sudden changes of temperature or humidity they might form a crack.

Here are two ways to reduce the chances of bamboo fibre cracks and increase the chasen’s life span:

1. After use, rinse it with water and air-dry well (Avoid putting directly under the sunlight‏).

2. Then, store it in a cool and dark place (Don’t store it in the refrigerator).


Products Include 

Bamboo Chasen Whisk, Traditional Scoop, and Ceramic Matcha Whisk Holder-stand.

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