Be You.

Bisou's Artist Initiative.

Let our Packaging be your Canvas

Art is essential and a fundamental mediator between humanity and our environment. Art reveals without words the mysterious, unexplainable dimension of reality that continues to evolve alongside every one of us.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ― Pablo Picasso

During collective challenges and unprecedented times, art brings us closer together, helping us share in each other tears and joys, bringing deeper meaning to our common struggle. Art also reflects the beauty of nature and inspires us, unifies us and fosters our inner child. The novel coronavirus has dramatically affected both our outer and inner landscape and it was during this time of great struggle and change that Bisou Bar was born. We saw how heavily the art community had been affected by the pandemic and we felt called to create a living tea brand which would give our customers the opportunity to support their art community when purchasing their next cup of tea.

Our first designs were inspired by Russian watercolours of fruits and botanicals and we connected with international artists to find works which captured the essence of each loose leaf tea blend. The response and reception of our efforts was nothing short of incredible. We knew we had stumbled onto a new medium for expressing Tea through Art, by viewing consumer packaging as more than just branding and instructions, but rather a blank canvas and a special opportunity for exposing local artists and supporting our creative community.

With over 30 hand-crafted tea blends, each a ripe opportunity for exposure, and our current reach across Canada growing to over 100 retail locations, we are opening Bisou’s doors to submissions for our Summer Series. A percentage of revenue generated from each limited edition series will go directly to the contributing artists (the number will depend on the quantity we produce), and we take care of the materials, printing, assembly and distribution across the country, into thousands of homes. There are no fees involved for the submission or selection process.

Help us fortify our vision that tea box packaging can stand as a centerpiece in any household and provide exposure for beautiful new Canadian artwork, all while enjoying a delicious tea beverage.

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Deadline for submissions for the Summer Series is February 28th, 2022.